Mettle Maker :: The things you think you can't do...


Everyone has things they think they can't do - and then push comes to shove - suddenly these things that felt impossible are a thing of the past. 

I was very nervous about working on a tug boat. I was just certain there would be all these things I couldn't do. Mostly physical things - throwing around large hawsers, pulling big wires, climbing up the sides of barges.  

Here's the thing. My trip is almost over - and I did all those things.  

When I left on my trip my friend Baisey (you can look her up on Etsy!) made me a sign to hang on my wall that says:  'Say yes and Go!' .

I have to remind myself constantly, 'you're capable. you can do this. you've handled worse. you just need to try.'.  I have to remind myself constantly to say yes and Go! 

I have to remind myself constantly to go and do the things I can't.