Mettle Mission :: Day Fifty Nine

This past week was my hardest week.  Particularly Friday.  I cried a lot (and got super emo on social bad...).

Then I got a text message from a cousin.  This cousin and I don't stay in super good touch.  He works out in the freakin' boondocks of Alberta, Canada and has a lifestyle that is similar to mine.  He does a few weeks on and off from his home in British Columbia.  Anyways, I hadn't told him that I'd lost my ship.  Because he knows (and relates better than others) his first question was, 'how long have you been home?' I answered, '120 days' he quickly responded with, 'do you need some cash?'.  

You guys.  I cried (okay fine, I had been crying all day anyways...but still...).

Not too long later (that same day), Girl Cousin (who I keep in touch with a lot) sent me a text, 'whats with all the crying?'.  She had seen my super emo social media moment.  Then she talked me off the proverbial ledge offering me moral support from afar and cheering me on.

Here's where I'm going with this.  You don't know who's got your back until you need someone to get your back.  (just fyi, typing that made me cry...)

My family's got my back - and it feels pretty awesome.

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind.
— Lilo

How's that for a mettle maker?!  In my book, it's the best kind of mettle maker.


Until I get a job there will be a daily Mettle Maker - we're on a mission - a mission to get a job and maintain mettle - so we'll call it the Mettle Mission.