Muddy Water

Arriving in Pusan, Korea our bow thruster churned up the mud. 


As I looked down at the muddy water my first thought was 'damn, that's gorgeous' and my second thought was 'I think that looks like what my mind feels like'. 

During my time at sea there's one thing I've learned about myself. I don't make the best decisions at sea. 

I'm removed from the real world. My reality is altered and my perspective is skewed. Here's the rub. How do I not make decisions?!  I'm out here more than half the year!

Tickets must be booked.  Budgets must be created. People must be notified. Decisions must me made. 

Except I'm at sea which means, all these ideas just churn and churn and churn until they look like this aquamarine and golden mess. It's a good thing it's beautiful. Because really, I've got nothing to complain about. It's a lot easier to look down and say, 'damn my mess is gorgeous!'