Link Love :: Sunday Afternoon Special

On ships Sundays sacred.  No crazy hard work - no unnecessary drills – maybe some yummy food (if you know, you have a Steward who can open a can and season its contents) – maybe some overtime gimmes.

If you ask me, Sundays are designed to slow us down.  They’re good for reading books.  They’re good for church hymns. They’re good for impromptu picnics.  They’re good for hangin’ with the fam.

They’re good for lazing around the interwebz….

How about some link love? 

This is important.  Stay organized about use this one blog post to change your life forever.  It will be my template for assessing priorities this next vacation period. 

Do you love Instagram as much as I do?  Doubt it.  Have you heard of stickygrams?  They are worth checking out if you're an instalover.  Here's an example of some cool stickygrams with a coupon!   

Joy the Baker compiled a book list and obviously we love this. 

Callie's Mariner interviews this chick.  She's basically the bomb - I read it and all I could think was, 'will you be my friend too?!'. 

Cats that look like Pineapples.  A photo is worth a thousand words. 

If I was home I'd be labeling it as such by making this mat .

I love HONY.  Like...L-O-V-E LOVE it.   His book has made it to #1.  Rock on Dude.  He posted a thanks with his first ever 'people photo'.  There is something so nerve racking about asking to take strangers photos (I get tied up in knots doing it when overseas) - but he's turned it into an art.  You can read more here.

Adventurous Kate agrees with me that Korea is a tough cultural nut to crack

To say that I looked EXACTLY like this little girl is a gross understatement.  She could be totally be my doppleganger. 

Someone who agrees me on cloudy sunrises...and cloudy people

BEST read of the week:  There Are No Islamic Terrorists.   

A Poem written by Anne Frank. 

Lastly, I've gotta link to myself.  Cause you know...I have a fancy new site.  The RSS feed seems to be slightly more complicated than usual.  You should be able to use this link to paste into your feed reader. 

First chart with land on it in  weeks .

First chart with land on it in weeks.