Nautie Books :: November 2013 - Orange is the New Black

Nautie Friends!  Join me in reading November’s book club selection Orange is the New Black:  My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman.

Why this book?  Because the Interwebz basically says it’s awesome….and my In Real Life friends do too!

If you don’t believe me check out this article by Slate, this one by Buzz Sugar or, this one by The Washington Post.

I might be way off my mark but, when a book becomes a TV Series it’s usually a good sign (insert:  Game of Thrones & True Blood….).  I've seen a few episodes and liked it (I was also pretty excited to see Donna from That 70’s Show back in action.)  It wasn’t until about episode 3 that I realized it was a book – and the book was getting rave reviews.

Here’s what I think:  I think this book is going to be smart; I think it’s going to discuss relevant social issues; I think it’s going to be funny; I think you should read it with me.

Happy Reading!!!!!