Nautie Galentines!

I read a post today over at It's like I'm....mmmagic! in which Brandy pays tribute to all her favorite ladies.  On a day rife with chocolates and roses I think this is a grreaat idea!  So of course, I'm going to copy her and pay tribute to my favorite ladies too! I've known for years that I'm extraordinarily blessed to have so many lovely ladies in my life.  In fact, I think it's abnormal to have such amazing family, friends, and mentors!  I don't stay in the best contact with all of them - and you know what?  It's okay!  Why?  Because when we do see eachother we can pick up exactly where we left off.  If you ask me that's how you know people are special!

I have a family full of amazing women.  Seriously kick ass chicks that have faith in me, have pushed me, and have supported me when I'm down.  I have a group of Aunties who have gone so far above and beyond the required Aunt-like duties that it is ridiculous.  Grateful doesn't begin to cover it - honored, flattered and blessed.  Truly blessed.  I also have amazing cousins.  Crazy cool chicas.

My friends - where to begin?  My friends aren't only smart, kind, funny, and amazingly adventurous - they're gorgeous!  When I was in High School I actually got into an 'almost fight' because this girl overhead me say in Science class that I thought my friends were the prettiest girls in school.....but, it was true!  My friends are freakin' gorgeous!  If I'm absolutely honest I think having such gorgeous friends probably gave me a complex about my own looks.  My point is this:  I'm lucky to have so many friends.  I'm also lucky that they know I'm a turd ball who doesn't keep in touch and love me anyways. 

I also have a church full of the cutest little Japanese ladies.  While I tower above them at a mighty 5'2" these ladies are nonetheless forces to be reckoned with and, they raised me up.  Do you know why I always take a gift when I go to someones house?  Because they taught me the importance of omiyage.  Do you know why my old plastic shopping bags are neatly stowed in a drawer?  Because they taught me how to fold them into perfect triangles.  Do you know why I can make kick ass floral arrangements?  Because I've been watching them make ikebana my whole life.   

While this blog is supposed to be 'mostly anonymous' I feel compelled to send a few shout outs to the Nautie Gals in my life.  Here goes....

  • Mom- IMUA!  No seriously.  IMUA!!!!
  • E.C.- A me ke aloha pumehana.
  • Aunties- You freakin' rock.  All of you - real ones and hanai ones.
  • Rhiannon- Can I please tell you how happy I am that we're in touch?  It's so RAD.  Who cares that it should have happened years ago - it's happening now!
  • Pastor L- Love that you read the blog! 
  • Jen-Jen- Thanks for being so there.  Love you.
  • Bais- Find me some cowboy boots.  If I'm not there (which we will discuss no further - no need to put that out to the universe!) I'll wear them on your day anyways.
  • Little Miss Sunshine- There is no one - and I mean no one - I'd rather send a drunken email or text to!
  • Kels- I'm listening to Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's.  I owe it all to you.
  • Mamacholla- Miss you sis!  Big hugs for you - and little snuffleupagus snuffles for you know who!
  • Hilo Ladies aka 'The Sunkissed Sistahs'- Wine and cheese?  On the beach?  Pretty Please?
  • Lauren- You made Nautie Mermate sooo purty.  Mahalo nui loa.


Nautie Gals - Happy Galentines!  I love you ladies!