Nautie Randomness II

Well, I'm not doing the best at keeping up with the fact I've never in the history of the blog done worse than I'm doing now! I'm introducing Nautie Randomness to help out. Token bits that stack up in my brain. It seems like a good plan. Onward!

Eagles. Sometimes I wonder if the scientists who declared eagles endangered have ever been to Alaska. They're kinda like seagulls in San Francisco....abundant. Furthermore, I used to think that eagles were beautiful majestic birds...rare....the perfect symbol for America. Have you ever seen an eagle up close? They're big, dirty, scrappy, freaky ass birds who look like they wanna eff you up. Noooot the biggest fan. Wanna see four eagles sitting on a lamp post? Alaska. Wanna see eagles dive bombing dumpsters? Alaska. Wanna be scared to get out of a cab cause the eagles are strutting around the parking lot...and are almost as tall as you....and are definitely watching you? Alaska.

Fog. Days and days of fog. I've figured out the quickest way to make people crazy. Put them in fog. Nothing to see but white...for days. Crazy-ville for sure.

Coffee. I've been trying to ween myself off a bit. I'm at almost 6 cups a day. Minimum 4. Sure that's a lot of coffee but know what it's for sure a lot of? Milk. I mean, the milk frother I brought aboard provides little to no incentive to use less milk. Like a little coffee with your milk? Why yes, yes I do.

Back to the eagles. I'd like some statistics on how many people are injured by eagles annually. I find it really hard to believe that no ones lost an eye this year alone...or the tip of an ear...

Tip of an ear. One time my Uncle Rocket got his ear bit by a seagull because he was stealing eggs from the nest. The kids were out on a little island and had to get back to their parents pretty quick....because Rocket was a hemophiliac. Note to self. Don't steal eggs from nests. (Hello I did say randomness...)