Nautie Randomness III

I don't have too many random things to say. That's pretty random. 

It was an incredibly foggy trip from Alaska to Asia. I've said it before I'll say it again. Fog makes people crazy. 


I haven't taken Big Bertha out at all this trip. What's wrong with me?!  I miss that old girl. I gotta get back in my groove!

When we were up in Alaska the Captain and some of the crew caught tons of fish!  We had fresh fish tacos and ceviche for dinner - yum!


I am getting kinda into weather. I've been having fun printing out the weather maps and putting them up on the board to get a good feel for what's to come. Pretty much what came this trip was fog, rolling and then lots of wind. I'm looking for sunshine!


That's about it for this random post....where's the action?!  Where's the excitement?!  Oh're not the only one wondering this!  I've got some bold moves coming I'm saving up some energy...I'll keep you posted Nautie Friends!