Nautie Randomness IV

Wanna know what China has a lot of in addition to humans?  Flies. I took my smoothie to the bow as we were coming into port yesterday. I quickly slurped it down and then had a dirty smoothie cup. (I should mention I was swatting flies away from my head as I was slurping...)  When finished I set the cup down and pretty soon the rim was covered in flies. Then the whole cup was covered in flies. Then they were all stuck in the bottom. It was pretty sweet to not have the flies zooming around my head (since they were busy getting fat) but ummm...grooooosssss!!!!!!!  (It was so gross I decided to include a photo of my fly infestation progression because...obviously.)

China is just one big industrial machine. I don't know what else to say. Other than to tell you that I have black crunchy boogers due to poor air quality. You're welcome.  

I paid for high speed international data. I'm currently injecting the Internet intravenously which means I just blew up Instagram and Twitter. I'm running wild with #sleepinglongshoreman. Sailor friends, you should contribute!  (Swearing ahead) Everytime I snap a picture of them sleeping I hear a clip from The Honey Badger in my head 'look at that sleepy little fuck...'  Also, if you haven't seen The Honey Badger then you haven't been living life. That ish is like two years ago. 

You know what I really appreciate?  The fact that no ones asked me about Nautie Books. Thank you friends. It will be back someday but it needed a time out....and maybe a little change?

....and that's all she wrote. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I'm putting China in the rear view mirror today which means it's definitely a good day around here! 

Gross photo as promised:

progression of my fly colony...

progression of my fly colony...