Nautie Tidbits :: Houston, we have a problem...

We don't really have a problem.  I just really wanted to say that. This port stay has now been extended by three days with the possibility of a fourth thrown in.  Between the rain, the slow loading rate of crates and the sheer volume of cargo we've progressively pushed our sailing date back.

In the meantime, this sweet little blog has been suffering from neglect.

To get us all caught up, here are some tidbits worth mentioning:

  • Our Nautie Books! December 2012 read The Scorpio Races didn't get much fanfare but, I LOVED what my Dad had to say about it.
  • I ran home yesterday afternoon to drop off my car and tie up loose ends at the apartment.  I learned a very, very, valuable lesson.  Just because you live in the same city as the port don't assume you'll be back home (i.e. don't leave a dozen eggs in the fridge - I hope my shipmates love hard boiled eggs)!
  • Houston has been cold and damp.  Standing outside for hours a day in cold and damp is icky.  Who knew that Houston could be so cold and damp?!  I didn't...
  • I'll be using this site to help with this months Nautie Books! discussions.  Check it out!
  • Everyone on the ship is sick.  Like gross sick.  Pneumonia and Bronchitis.  Which also makes me wonder if Doctors know what they're talking about about 'common cold'.  These dudes are babies.  (I am eating lots of gummy vit's and oranges.)
  • This totally cool print is floating around the interwebz and I love it.
  • My ship is FULL of cargo - and it's exciting.  I love seeing American goods moving via ship.
  • Along with a dozen hard boiled eggs, I brought my blooming orchid to the ship with me.  Every single dude who has walked into the cargo office has commented on how lovely it is.

Well, I think those are all my tidbits.

A picture of The Hilo Bay Building.  Because you know you can't write a post with no photo!!

Enjoy your day!