Nautie Tidbits :: I've recovered sufficiently.

Napa was AWESOME.   I mean really, really, really awesome.  I enjoyed my time there so thoroughly that I didn't want to write about it because it seemed so final.  THE weekend was over.  The  problem was that I couldn't really write about anything else until Napa was wrapped up!  This week is going to be Napa week!


I finished The Fault In Our Stars.  Le Sigh.  Oh this book got me.  This book deserves to be talked about - and will be soon.  Are any of you Oprah watchers?  Ever heard of the ugly cry?  I'm sure you see where I'm going with this...  Can I unofficially announce our next book selection without the usual fanfare?  I'll just slide it in here to this 'lets take care of outstanding business' post and then, we can all start reading.  May isn't getting any younger.  Join me in reading The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin.  This book was recommended by Historiauntie and looks good.  I have my copy and have just jumped into it.

Bloggers In Sin City!

Not this weekend but next weekend I'm going to Vegas for Bloggers in Sin City.  Holy Crap the excitement level is almost outofcontrol.  I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what to wear and driving around shopping for things to wear.  Napa was all about the wine but I have a feeling Vegas will be all about the clothes....

I've Moved.

I'm in a new apartment.  It's tiny.  Teensy Tiny.  This is good but it has me scrambling.  I've been semi packing...and moving....and re-organizing.  Again - it's good but, no one really loves semi-packing, right?  The new apartment is cozy and sunny with a well thought out kitchen.  It's way more me than the last apartment.  Me Likey.


Have you ever heard of the Paleo diet?  Well, I've cut quite a few hot ticket items out of my diet.  Mostly because I think it's fun to change things up sometimes and also because, I'm hoping to kick some bad habits.  Stress does some amazing things to your body.  So does lack of exercise.  You get it.

That's It.

Nautie Friends, I just needed some time to recover from my trip to Napa.  I know you understand.  I'm off to meet the movers.  The bed is getting moved in today.  You don't realize how shitty it is living away from your family until you have to hire movers.  Free labor sure is nice (*wink*).  Do you want food posts?  I've been texting everyone I know photos of what I've been eating.  Want in on that action?  Be in touch.