Nautie Tidbits :: Mr. Honey Made It Through The Canal

Nautie Friends,  I made it through the canal.  Woot Woot!  I've written many times about the canal (the most comprehensive write up can be found here but you can find some decent photos here)....the highlight of this transit, minus the fact that it means we're closer to home, was for sure the fact that the mooring boat men called me Mr. Honey allll daaaay loong. Mr. Honey has made it through the canal. The weather upon departing the canal worsened quite quickly.  Yesterday, we were hove to.  As in....almost going backwards.  I've seen some pretty shitty weather in the Med - people always act like the Med is a boating paradise - I don't think you could pay me to yacht around the Med in the winter - unless we were anchored off Nice or some other fun place.  I didn't take too many photos of yesterdays weather....lazy blogger about some photos from last years Med storm?

I got nauseous yesterday.  I know, I know, real sailors don't talk about being sea sick.....thank goodness that I have already written the Nautie Guide to Conquering Seasickness....or Mal de Mer!  Whew!  Thank goodness there was a time when I wasn't a lazy blogger!

Books!  Ahhh!  Nautie Book Club!  I haven't forgotten you!  I will select a book soon!  Pinkie Promise!