Nautie Tidbits :: No Longer Adrift!

  • I didn't write much about it but for the last week our vessel has been adrift awaiting cargo orders. 
  • The good news?  We're on our way to a load port in RUSSIA!  I am going to go through the Black Sea!  I'm very, very excited about this....
  • Which is why you haven't seen too much in the way of posting - I've been pulling charts, laying courses and researching Vessel Traffic call in points.  It's always a mad dash to get a voyage plan ready when you have no idea where you are going until the phone call comes.  Such is the life.
  • Other than being quite busy on the bridge I've been quite busy at the gym.  I've done a fair amount of working out in the last few days.
  • I'm so sore!  Sore!  I limp up the stairs to the bridge and try to avoid lifting my arms over my head. 
  • No pain no gain!
  • Those are all my tidbits.....lots of charts, lots of gym, not a lot of sleepy time.....