Nautie Tidbits :: We're In Overdrive

The deck gang has been working incredibly long hours. We're in overdrive preparing the deck for a high profile cargo. High profile in the sense that there will be many people here watching - think heavy lifting as a spectator sport. Here are a few Nautie Tidbits as a bit if an apology for my blog silence!


California is beautiful and the weather is phenomenal. Think sail boats, sunshine and palm trees. Seriously, no one onboard has any complaints!


We've been working on framing and cradles for said 'high profile cargo' - which will now be referred to as HPC. The construction of our cargo bedding has officially been underway for three days.


We've also been doing trial runs with the ships gear. Gotta make sure the HPC will actually clear these ginormous frames! Nothing like many minds working towards a common goal! THIS CAN BE DONE!


Don't you love presents from friends?! The sea is ours! I mean wait, I'm not in the navy...but the sea is still MINE!


Clearly a US port means a trip to Whole Foods. Tea, protein shakes, veggie supplements? Check!


Most importantly, a name was drawn and one lucky lady will be getting a scarf! I know I said this yesterday but reading about your travels and your future traveling dreams was MAGIC.

Nautie Friends, I'll be in touch soon! Enjoy your summery weekend!