Never fear! Wonder Ship is here!

After sitting off the coast of Turkey for DAYS we were finally directed to head back to Greece.  Listen, I don't care where we're going I'm just happy to be GOING.....and when we go, WE GO! Shortly after getting back underway I started receiving urgency messages from Cyprus Radio who were looking for a missing sailboat.  The printer was going wild - but unfortunately I hadn't seen any sailboats so I filed the print outs away like an organized little second mate should.

Then I started getting calls on the VHF from Cyprus Radio - "No, I haven't seen a sailboat" should not take five minutes to communicate - but it does when there is a language barrier.  After putting the VHF Handset down a little harder than I should and thinking "Sheesh! Enough Already!" I went back to my routine watch duties.

THEN, I spot a sailboat....OF COURSE!  I'm sure you guys saw where this was going....

Unfortunately, it was not the missing vessel - but it did prove for mad cool maneuvering, some sick photo's and a little action to spice up our lives!

So, we tried to get as close as we possibly could to the sailboat so that we could possibly read their name off their hull.  We also tried to repeatedly hail the vessel on VHF radio.  Neither things worked out but we did see people on the vessel and they didn't seem to be in any kind of distress.  Just when we were about to abandon our mission a search and rescue helicopter appeared and took things to a whole new level of excitement.  I was very, very impressed by how quickly a SAR helicopter was dispatched!  I was also pretty blown away by how close to the vessel the helicopter could get.

It felt good to be 'needed' after drifting around uselessly for days on end :)