Night Photos :: New York City

In order to transit the Hudson River I had to pass New York City.  Once coming and once going.  New York City viewing by ship - I felt too cool for school. To add to the coolness I anchored on the Fourth of July and watched the Macy's fireworks show from the Harbor prior to transiting the river.  With Lady Liberty on one side and the New York City skyline on the other.

As I departed the River I hit New York at dawn.  There were parts in the clouds which provided some of the coolest photos - blue streaks behind a night photo.

You all know how much I love night photos!  The wobblier the better!

(I will admit that I'm kicking myself for not knocking bokeh off my 30x30 list!  Heart shaped NYC lights?!  Awwwww!)


There are more!

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