A few days ago my Mom sent me an email saying that the blog was boring and that she was irritated that she kept checking and not finding new posts. Of course, being the only child that I am, I promptly sent her an email back saying that her lack of sensitivity to my current plight was quite disappointing.

Then I posted a snarky little post saying, 'sorry I'm not sorry'. Like I said, only child.

(Now don't worry, we're not cranky with each other for realsies. We got to chat yesterday for a good long while - the first time I called home since I've been out here!)

I got another email from my my mom this morning with only three words in it: NO ME NO!

I had to crack up!

When I was a little kid this was my favorite phrase, 'No Me No'! Whenever my parents would say NO to me I'd get sooooo mad and I'd say, 'No Me No!' as're telling me no?! I don't think so!

Now, it's kinda just a joke whenever I get a little bull headed or cantankerous.

While my Mom was on the phone with me I got a little feisty because one of the deck gang came out for overtime even though he was over his working hours. I promptly got on the radio and asked him to get off the deck and to work during his scheduled work hours!


No blog posts cause I've been too busy?


Hopefully, we'll be getting underway today. I want to get back out to sea an out if this miserable port.



This is me hiding out on the bridge for a few minutes enjoying my last few minutes of air conditioning with my coffee before heading out on deck for the day.