Non-Techie Update

Ho-kay So. I have a temporary solution.  Below the forum listings on the right hand side of the page you will now see a login feature.  Unfortunately, this feature doesn't support anonymous postings.  I really wanted to have an open forum but alas, big brother (or in this case Big Nautiemermate) is watching.

When you click register it will prompt you to create a username and enter an email address.  You will then be emailed a password.  I know, I humbug!

Once you are given a temporary password you can then edit your profile (by clicking on the top of the nautiemermate page) and select a password of your choosing.

For now, please disregard the options to login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.  This is my goal - that you can login with other forms of social media - this is no where near being ready to go yet.

Sorry for all the confusion, and sorry for the added steps!

Keep me posted - let me know how it goes!