Oh Boy.

We were homeward bound.  We had taken the last of the bunkers...we heaved anchor....we were headed for the Suez Canal...and then the Satellite Phone rang. We turned around and are anchoring awaiting orders.  Apparently, there is a potential cargo back in the Persian Gulf.

Oh Boy.

This is the life of a tramp vessel.  I get it.  I do.  It was exciting to feel like we were homeward bound...even if it only lasted for a day.  Who knows, maybe the cargo won't pan out.

In the meantime, daily onboard life chugs along.  Reports to be sent, jobs on deck to get done, ordering supplies for a stateside re-stock....breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I'm trying to survive life without my iPhone.  I've realized exactly how many photos I'd been taking on my phone and how few with Big Bertha.  I tried to find 20 photos to post....and couldn't.  Sad, sad days.

Here's a photo I took with the Third Mate's camera in the last port.  Yes, it's that desperate around here.


The Operation.