One Link

I only have one link to share today.  During my internet browsing I ran across a link to an interactive production called Pine Point.  Pine Point was sponsored by the National Film Board of Canada.  It is the story of a mining community in the Northwest Territories of Canada - which you can no longer find on a map. I grew up in Hawaii although I had very little family living in the state.  My Parents were both from the West Coast - my Father was from Oregon and my Mother was from British Columbia, Canada.  I spent all my summers in B.C. from ages 5-15.  My 16th summer was the first summer I didn't spend with my Canadian relatives.  When I graduated from High School I attended College on the East Coast in a tiny town in Maine.  While I was in college I finally applied for dual citizenship - my Canadian relatives are very excited that they no longer have to consider me an American.  When I graduated from College I moved back to the Big Island where I bought my house and decided to settle.  But honestly, I'm quite restless.  I think my time spent in so many places has led to an identity crisis!  I'd love to spend a summer and Fall in Maine.  I'd love to spend a Spring in British Columbia.  I'd love to retreat to the warmth of Hawaii for the winter.  My memories of B.C. summers, Maine falls, and gorgeous Hilo days are crystal clear.  I spend very little time in my home in Hilo...

The story of Pine Point really struck a chord with me.  I've often wondered if all my time spent away from home amplifies my memories.  My nostalgia when I'm at sea is an almost tangible thing.  I can really understand how the Pine Point community could have such pure memories.

I hope that as I travel, explore and possibly resettle elsewhere my hometown memories stay wonderful.

*I provided a link to the Pine Point memorial - it's definitely worth the time it takes to watch it.