Out with the OLD in with the NEW!

I've decided that my 30x30 list sucks.  If this was a life list it might be acceptable (although then I'd add many, many more things).  However, these are 30 things that I have 1.5 years to complete - and I'd like to enjoy life a bit!  I don't have enough time to travel, write a book, go to grad school and become a Captain! I have been feeling down in the dumps lately.  I can't put my finger on the cause....which, seems to make me feel even more down in the dumps!

I was thinking about my down in the dumpness last night and decided that my 30x30 list wasn't helping my cause....so I've given the list a bit of a face lift.  (I reserve the right to edit this freakin' thing whenever I want....as many times as I want....)

The old list is OUT!  In with the NEW!


1.  Have a garage sale – a BIG one!  I have amassed an amazing amount of crap in a very short amount of time.

2.  Host a tea party in my garden – this means several things:  a) I need a garden  b) I need pretty floral tea cups.

3.  Have a family reunion on Lasqueti Island – there will be a house and EVERYONE gets invited.

4.  Make my tattoo prettier or make it disappear – yes I have a tattoo and no it’s not what I imagined it to be.

5.  Learn how to make a perfect sushi roll and musubi – as in so perfect that the little old japanese ladies in my church are impressed.

6.  Meet my goal weight – no I’m not telling what it is.

7.  Learn to love exercise – this is very different than losing weight….and I REALLY hate to exercise.

8.  Get my Master’s license – Captain Megan has a nice ring to it.

9.  Have a grad school picked out – and know what I want to study (that’s the kicker).

10.  Be debt free – the house doesn’t count.

11.  Go camping by myself – somewhere I’ve never been in a tent with no cell phone (car camping is disqualified).

12.  Visit Bali, the Philippines, and Thailand – I’d like to stay in Bali for a month.

13.  Take a ship to Antarctica – no explanation necessary.

14.  Travel through Ireland, Scotland and Wales – along the way I need to research my Great Grandmother Bessie McAndrews.

15.  Go on a helicopter ride – even if it is a lame ‘touristy island sightseeing’ kind of thing.

16.  Be conversational in Japanese – screw french (sorry Mom).

17.  Be fashion forward – last years New Years Resolution was to ‘have a care with my appearance’.  I’d like to revamp my wardrobe with a purpose!

18.  Blog with a goal – figure out where I want the blog to go…and what people like best.

19.  Start a small business – even if it is online.

20.  Take a grammar class – punctuate properly!

21.  Spend a month shooting only in manual – I’d like to get to know Big Bertha a little better.

22.  Learn computer code – at least so that I can build my own theme, add buttons, etc.

23.  Publish a book – even if it is self published…it can be words, photos or both!

24.  Go to a ball – or just have somewhere to go where a ball gown must be worn.

25.  Go downhill skiing – I did in fact go to school in Maine and never actually go down a hill on ski’s!

26.  Have an article published in a magazine – preferably a magazine that people actually read.

27.  Have my blog featured on someone else’s blog – as in check out Nautie MerMate!  Isn’t she cool?!

28.  Take a jewelry making class – I have a broken teacup and saucer (that I broke but don’t know how I broke) that belonged to my Great Aunt Gene…I’d love to turn it into pieces of jewelry for all the ladies in my family….the teacup and saucer had a magenta tallship on an ivory colored backdrop….so Megan!

29.  Have my photography exhibited – I’d love to have an ‘art show’ where my maritime-y photos are displayed for the public.

30.  Produce Creatively; Create Productively – this was my theme for 2011…no I just need to figure out how to implement it in my daily life!


1.  Go downhill skiing in Whistler with my cousin Rhiannon

2.  Learn to make Sushi while I'm visiting Rhiannon

3.  Go camping solo

4.  Ride on the back of a Harley - or other certifiably bad ass bike....preferably with a bad ass biker

5.  Drink a cup of coffee with no milk and sugar

6.  Go hot air ballooning

7.  Finish folding 1,000 origami cranes (I'm currently at approximately 250)

8.  Do something sassy to my hair

9.  Read Anna Karenina

10.  Host a tea party

11.  Go to a ball - or have somewhere to wear a ball gown

12.  Research Bessie McAndrews my Great-Grandmother...this may require a trip to Ireland

13.  Run a 5k

14.  Send an e-mail to the ladies behind my three favorite blogs

15.  Go geocaching

16.  Make a coffee table book of my favorite photos

17.  Make spaghetti sauce and can it

18.  Work on a lobstah boat (even for a day) and then boil my own bug!

19.  Attend a water aerobics class

20.  Do the cool camera trick where you get shapes of light by covering the lens with a cut out (bokeh?)

21.  Join a book club

22.  Take a jewelry making class

23.  Ride in a helicopter

24.  Cook a pot roast

25.  Make a style board using photo shop

26.  Put a 100 dollar bill in a street (or subway) musicians hat if the mood strikes me

27.  Go to a spa for the day (can you believe I've never been to a spa?!)

28.  Longboard in Waikiki

29.  See a major ballet company perform The Nutcracker (I've only seen my local ballet troupe do this - but I'd love to see the real deal)

30.  Make yougurt