Packing Lunches and Going For Walks

The first thing I always realize when I work in the office is how hard it is to live and work. I bustle about in the morning packing my lunch trying on different outfits (sans hosiery...what?! It's spring!) and getting organized for the day.

I sit at my desk and reap the rewards of a well packed lunch.

I pack up and head out for the evening. If you hope to have any kind of a life you better have everything planned because bed time comes quick!

This morning I woke up early and met up with a friend for a morning walk - which was awesome but now....I'm six minutes late and sitting on the train.

I have an Aunt (yes, the one with the poodles) who is mad organized. I used to think she was crazy. She had a planner - and used it! She scheduled things waaay in advance and had to check the thin before commuting to new activities. She went on huge shopping trips and had lists upon lists and went to many stories. I get it. Poodle Loving Aunt you are my spirit animal. I hope to channel some of all that goodness.

Packed lunches and morning walks folks. Insane. (Sorry for the randomness of it all...just figured I'd let you all know where I was and what I was doing)