Passion Projects & Life Coaches

joshua trees

I might be a yuppy but, today I'm going to visit a Life Coach.  I KNOW.  A.Life.Coach.

Here's the thing.  I don't want to be one of those people who wake up at 85 (too ambitious?  alright fine.  75.) and realize they don't really know what they're passionate about.

I love being at sea.  I love learning about new cargoes.  I love visiting new ports.  I love a lot about shipping.  

Of course there's a BUT.  Those things feel incredibly unsustainable.  Especially when you consider that you invest in your passion.  I've invested a lot in my career and It'll never be just mine.  Just mine to nourish or change.  There is always the possibility that I could start my own shipping company and then yes those things would be just mine.  

This is the reason I'm ready to start nourishing my own passion projects.  I'm ready to invest in something that feels sustainable and more importantly something that feels like it belongs to me.

So off to the life coach I go.

How do you nurture your passion?