The Road Trip :: Pennsylvania - Home of Fallingwater

I've never given much thought to Pennsylvania.  I knew it was home to Pittsburgh and that's just about it.  Oh okay and I know that Amish people live in Pennsylvania and I also have heard the term 'Pennsylvania Dutch' ten million times. Let me be the one to tell you:  Pennsylvania is Beautiful.

Yesterday we drove the Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway.  We ooohed and aaahed the whole way.

Rockers on front porches.  Old stone buildings in pristine condition.  Cherry Cider.


Apparently, and I honestly didn't know this - my Canadiaunt is a HUGE Frank Lloyd Wright fan and has always dreamed of visiting Fallingwater his iconic masterpiece.

We figured why not make a pitstop - why not indeed?

It was amazing.  So far ahead of its time.  Still so relevant.  A true work of art.

More photos of our drive through Pennsylvania can be browsed through here:

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