Pink Glow


A couple mornings ago I was enroute from Shanghai to Pusan. Leaving Shanghai in the rear view mirror always feels pretty good but, I had a couple of abnormally busy watches. (To say you've had busy watches in or around Chinese Waters basically means the traffic was insane.)

I was feeling fried, super cranky and just over it.  

Then, for the first time in days we got 'good clouds' and a little sunrise.  

That pink glow in the horizon was so incredibly welcome.  

It never fails to amaze me what 'picks me up' and what 'gets me down'.

I find my 'pick me ups' are usually so simple, so easy and so attainable. Which means I must ask myself:  why don't you do those things more often?

Two seconds to watch the sky lighten changes my day.  

What are your go to pick me ups?  What is your pink glow?