Podcast Lovers Unite.

I'm taking a break from all of the feelings.  Let's talk about Podcasts.

It's been awhile since I've given an update on what I'm listening to - and as always I'd LOVE to know what you're listening to.

Let's start with a confession.  I recommended the podcast Limetown.  I was seriously into it.  I also actually thought it was real for two whole episodes.  Pretty embarrassing.  It reminded me of when I was a little girl and a preview came on the television for the movie Men in Black while I was on vacation with my Dad.  I freaked out.  I really thought that our atmosphere was being breached and wanted to call my Mom to check on her.  Anyone who knows my Dad knows he thought this was hilarious....and totally egged me on hyping up the drama...I think it finally broke away from their promotional newscast format (which is what had me really convinced) and I figured out I'd been going nuts for nothing.  My Dad was just about beside himself with the hilarity of it all.  What I'm trying to say is clearly I'm a little gullible in regards to newscasts....so Limetown had me hook line and sinker.  It's still very cool and very well done....but friends, it's a fictional story.

Let's move forward, shall we?


The Being Boss podcast is one I've been listening to for quite awhile.  I always have these secret dreams of becoming a creative entrepreneur.  I love the subjects they cover - I love how they're applicable to me now even though I'm not a creative entrepreneur.  I love how candid they are and how they keep things real.  It's a good listen.  

surprisingly awesome

Gimlet Media does good things...and maybe I'm a fangirl.  I really wanted to be into their new show called Surprisingly Awesome - and I just wasn't really.  Until they covered Cement and Chumbawamba.  


I'm brand new to The Intern but, it stole my heart for two reasons:  she interviews her Granpa and she answered a question I've been dying to understand.  I'd say she's got something good going on here.  Also, major props to Allison because I tweeted my love for it and she promptly responded.  

Lastly, Get Up On This is a podcast I've been listening to for awhile.  It's funny, I like the interviews, and I love their suggestions for 'what to get on'.  For example, they turned me on to Beats 1.  (This article is about one of their most prominent DJ's but it talks a lot about Beats 1 also.)

Here's the truth:  I'm officially subscribing to more Podcasts than I can actually listen to.  I definitely get caught up at work on long sea watches but, in the day to day, not so much.  I listen when I'm in the kitchen, I listen when I'm exercising, I listen if i'm on a longer car ride.  I have my favorite shows that I don't like to miss and then I have my so so shows where I tune in if the show notes interest me.  I also have frustration when a favorite show goes on hiatus and I don't have any 'must listens' but hey, such is life.

I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to know what shows you don't like to miss! 

(and yes, I know Serial is back....I'm tuning in and forming opinions...)

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