Poti, Georgia :: An Abandoned Church

I reminisced about Poti, Georgia the other day while musing on the goings on in Sochi.  It made me rustle up some of the photos I took when I was there.

I was so timid while in Poti.  I literally told myself, 'go outside for thirty minutes and then you can go back to your hotel room'.  I ended up on a photo safari.  I took photos of house, churches, beaches, shells, bon fire remnants.  I snapped away.  

I happened upon an abandoned church and tromped all around it taking photo after photo.  I wondered how old it was, why it was no longer in use, who mowed the lawn...


This church was gorgeous.  It was stately.  It looked a little lonely.  It looked like it was a keeper of memories.  It looked like it hadn't been forgotten.

There are many, many photos of this old beauty.

Click through at your leisure.....