Pretty Lights!

I'm just posting a few small-ish posts to get caught up after lack of internet..... I've been wanting to post these photos for awhile but they keep getting put off to the side.

As you know I love taking photos at night.  Especially of lights.  Now I realize that I do a terrible job of this (please see here for an example of a terrible job)....but it's so much fun!  It's super duper hard to stay steady (because the ship is vibrating and moving) plus I don't have a tripod or anything fancy like that - I just tuck my arms in really tight to my chest and snap away.

A week or two ago I passed by a passenger ship - in general they are insanely bright - apparently passengers love bright, twinkly, colorful lights - who knew?  They are also very fast - pretty much double our speed plus some.  So taking a photo while passing one was pretty neat - especially since we were both moving.  You can kind of see a dip in the lights....I'm thinking that is the ship pitching gently....but I really have no idea.