Purse Love

One of my besties asked me yesterday, 'why was the picture in Hosiery Hatred a shot of just your purse?'. To which I responded, 'because I came in and dumped my purse and purchase on my bed and then just took a picture of it'. It got me thinking....I actually take pictures of my purse fairly often. I LOVE purses! They can make life easy or frustrating. They go everywhere I go. Most times they garnish more compliments than my outfit.

I have had this favorite purse for a little over a year (it's the one I refer to as my Mary Poppins bag). I decided to retire the bag and only take it out for special occasions because it's starting to get a little worn. I replaced it with the purse in yesterdays photo.

Which leads me to my conclusion - I really just wanted you all to see my new purse!!!!

Here they are side by side. Let's give it up to red purses and all they hold! Hot pink peep toes, gold ballet flats, water bottles, make up, and head phones galore!