Rainy Days.

I can't figure out if it rains all the time in Korea so they're super used to it and plan accordingly or if it never rains at all and they're confused about how to best proceed. Either way, it's misty and the hillsides look like the kind of Korean art work you see in people's walls. You know the kind I'm talking about. Cypress trees and rocks and misty low hanging clouds.

We're idle at the dock waiting for the rain to dissipate and I'm loving the 'catch up day'. So many in port days recently has left me quite a bit behind in the paperwork department. All the while I'm loving the rain I'm hating that its just adding days to this ever lengthening trip. I'm currently at day 85 and we haven't even started crossing the pacific yet. In fact, we're two ports away from being westward bound!

On that note I say, 'rain, rain, go away'!