Real Talk.

this lovely rose was sent to me by my mom.  congrats capt megan! the card read.  love.

this lovely rose was sent to me by my mom.  congrats capt megan! the card read.  love.

This blog makes me seem pretty positive doesn't it?  All these Mettle Makers.  All this talk of Captain's Licenses.  All these things that keep me positive during a Job Hunt.

Let's shoot for a little transparency.  Real Talk if you will.

This morning I called my Mom and was beside myself.  Companies weren't calling me back.  I didn't know who to call next.  I don't know what I want to do next.  More deep sea?  Offshore on a drillship?  Go to an office?  The online job websites aren't working.  I was near tears.

I felt pissed.  I just got my Captains License.  I should be over the moon.  Instead, I'm job hunting and having to defend my level of experience.  Not fair.  Yeah, yeah,'s not fair. 

Do you want to know what my Mom said?  'Well, maybe you should listen to today's Mettle need to be patient....'.

'F*@K the Mettle Maker!' was my retort.  What does that stupid Mettle Maker know?!  I'm going to RUN OUT OF MONEY!!!!!  Patience!  I don't have no stinkin' patience!  Patience was for last month!  This month we're working on, 'get me a freakin' job!!!!!!!

My Mother stayed pretty quiet....and then she said, 'yeah well, you're not going under today so make it count'.  I pretty much just sniffed and gave a weak, 'ya, ok...'.  Then she said, 'so what, you tap into a credit put some groceries on a this the worst case?  You're not going under yet.  You've got more time than you think....'.

She's right.

I'm not going under yet.