#Reverb10 12-11-10

December 11  Prompt:  Things.  What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011?  How will you go about eliminating the?  How will getting rid of these things change your life? You’ve got to be kidding me!  Eleven things?!  I’m not even going to try…..here’s what I came up with:

1)      Coffee – this alone is a blog entry.  It deserves its own entry – coffee is a sacred, sacred thing and any talk about elimination must be taken very, very seriously.

2)      House – I kind of want to sell my house….but really I want to reduce the stress my house causes me….

3)      Debt – This is almost the same thing as saying house.  However, I would be FREE!  I could go anywhere and do anything!!!!

4)      The 15 lbs that love my hips – do I really need to explain this one?

5)      Lack of compassion – It’s not a thing….although sometimes my intolerance is almost a palpable thing. 

That is all I have….

Here are some things I can’t live without:

1)      Books – I really do love to curl up with a good book.  Although many would consider this sacrilege I love to get a new paperback and  bend the cover back and crack the spine to soften it up.

2)      Music – iTunes is like crack – but who doesn’t love to rock out?!

3)      Earrings – I’m talking long sassy danglies. 

4)      A fun car to drive – My 4Runner is smokin’ hot.  I love to drive somewhere for no good reason and then turn around and go home.

5)      Flowers – I love to fill my house with colorful arrangements (living in Hawaii gives me a slight advantage) – nothing beats the farmers market – after fresh flowers comes fresh fruit. 

Do you like how I neatly avoided the meat and bones of that prompt?  I didn’t want to touch that one with a ten foot pole!