Sayonara Japan

outbound yokohama

I'm gonna tell you this and you're almost not going to believe me.  I went in and out of Yokohama, Japan which is Tokyo's port - in fact I went in and out of Yokohama six times - and I never went ashore!

outbound yokohama

When I tell people I work on cargo ships they imagine long exotic port stays but, on a containership the reality is we are in and out within hours.  If I want to prep the bridge for the next leg of they voyage, get a bite to eat and grab some zzz's then there is no shore leave for me.

sunlight chartroom

Here's the kicker.  I'm kind of an old biddie when it comes to being tired.  I hate it.

Four years ago I would have been pedal to the metal.  No sleep in 24 hours - No problem.  That is majorly not the case anymore.  If I get behind in sleep at the beginning of the voyage it takes me days to catch back up and feel like a functioning human.

yokohama sunset

I'll have to be content with sunlight outbound transits.  I'll guard my sleep and document sunsets thank you very much.