Scintilla Day Two :: Like A Champ

Day Two.  Tell the story about something interesting (anything!) that happened to you, but tell it in the form of an instruction manual (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3….) Don't paddle harder - just fix the engine!  Ummm...can you see how far away the ship is?!

1.  Consult your annual inspection / drill matrix.  Confirm that a quarterly launching of the lifeboat and rescue boat are indeed required - and plan on conducting launch while at anchor.

2.  Have all essential personnel standing by ready to assist in launching immediately following anchoring of the vessel.

3.  Load the Rescue Boat with the Third Mate, Third Assistant, Cadet and Yourself.

4.  Lower the Boat into the water.

5.  Release the Boat.

6.  Motor the Boat around the vessel to exercise the engine.

7.  Listen to the boat motor putter out and die.  Turn to the Third Mate and say, 'Oh.My.GOD.'.

8.  Get out the oars and begin paddling!

9.  Quickly assess whether you are getting any closer to the ship.

10.  Switch places with the Third Assistant Engineer who is not having any luck restarting the engine.  (He's bigger anyways and maybe he can paddle harder....not...)

11.  Watch the Third Assistant fruitlessly paddle away.

12.  Determine that the priming bulb is rock hard.

13.  Unplug the fuel line.

14.  Shove your knife into the plug and drain all the gas in the line into the Rescue Boat.

15.  Plug the fuel line back in.

16.  Start the Rescue Boat like a fucking champ and motor back to the ship (that is now a mile away).


I'm participating in The Scintilla Project - and you should too!

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