Sea Spray

Here's the thing about a 98 foot're going to feel the motion of the ocean.  

It's something that I'm currently loving and hating.  Loving because I'm at sea - I love being out here. Hating because I haven't showered in a few days because I'm not ready to get knocked around. So there's that. 

After a couple days of fairly rough seas the sun came out. There was still a bit of a swell kicking us around but, the sun was making them sparkle.  

Clearly, this meant I needed to step out of the wheelhouse and document it.


We were still taking a decent amount of spray (and still are for the record) but, it was getting more and more sporadic and I really thought I could time my outing.

...and then this happened...


My view was completely obliterated by a massive amount of sea spray. I ducked and dodged back into the wheelhouse but not before getting a cheek full of salt water.  

It was pretty fun truth be told. Plus, having this sea spray photo?  Love it.