Shaka Awesome

The past two days have been lovely. After a hectic, grimy, scorchingly hot port stay there is nothing better than waking up and finding yourself at sea.

Yesterday morning I had a few minutes of solitude on the bridge wing.  These are the seagoing moments that keep me going.  They are what sustain me when I feel like throwing in the towel in port.  I had my sunglasses on - I had a coffee cup - I was feeling good - and then two dolphins showed up.  Sometimes, when I see dolphins I just think 'thank you friends!'.  I know that seems a little tutti frutti - but seriously - nothing makes me feel like everything is going to be okay like seeing dolphins.

I haven't got Big Bertha out yet - so we're a little short on photos around here.

Everything here is shaka awesome.  Hope you are all feeling shaka awesome too!!!!