Some thoughts on Houston....

Houston is big. Really big. Everything is very far away. There is A LOT of traffic. I mean A LOT.

To add onto the above - the drivers are Cah-Ray-Zah-Hee!

It's very affordable. Things don't cost too much.

People go to the mall - all the time.

It's winter but it's still pretty toasty out.

There aren't any sidewalks. If there are sidewalks they're pretty busted up.

The airport is pretty fancy.

There are flights going everywhere. I mean, talk about an excellent hub!

There is lots of good food. Restaurants everywhere and all different kinds.

It's incredibly ethnically diverse.

There is money here. Lots of it.

There are business deals going on all the time.

People are very, very friendly.

Customer service is a real thing. People say "thank you ma'am".

Men are gentlemen and women are ladies. Chivalry is alive and well. Women enter first.

I'll think of some more to share later.

Today I'm driving to New Orleans. I'll be attending a vessel there for the next few days. The ship will be discharging and loading. I'm excited.