stormy night

Last night was really stormy!  I went for a walk at the beach around dusk and there were definitely storm clouds brewing on the horizon.  Just as I was getting ready to tuck in for the night it started to rain...which very quickly turned into a torrential downpour.  I stood in the doorway of my studio watching the rain hit the pool and thrash the palm trees around.  It made me a little homesick, too.  In Hilo the rain hits your tin roof and sometimes it can be deafening.  Last night I could barely here the rain!  I grew up in an old plantation house - it would start to rain and we'd have to run around the house placing bowls under some of the drips - in the kitchen we could actually see the tin...there was no intermediate ceiling!  I think my body is programmed to hear the rain and then go put on snugglie clothes and grab a book!  I laid in bed last night with the curtains open and watched it pour...I feel great this morning and I know it's because of the rain!