Thank You.

Valentines Day.  It's my ultimate favorite.  As a general rule of thumb I love to wear pink - except today I am allowed to get totally decked out - no apologies necessary.  There are hearts everywhere - I love this because a heart is just about the only thing I know how to draw.  It's my Bestie's Birthday - which means that it is always a celebration.  Not that those three things alone aren't enough but, everyone is lovey-dovey and thoughtful...and I LOVE that! When I was in Intermediate School Valentines was a girls big day.  When I was in 7th grade (I think this is when I became my most neurotic) I made my Mom go to the grocery store on the way to school.   I made her buy me a cellophane wrapped rose and a balloon and, I made her deliver it to me at school on her lunch break (spoiled I know).  I went to the office to pick it up at recess and then told all my friends that I didn't know who it was from.

Segway to 27 year old Megan....Today I get a call that I'd received flowers.  NO WAY!  Of course I rush up on my next break - the secretaries (who I love) have a black box on their desk.  They're oohing and aahing and make me open it up then and there - I get it open and they are saying 'who's it from?!  who's it from?!' - and I honestly didn't know!  Of course they loved that even more.  In the box was a single red rose.  It was packaged beautifully with sheer gold and black fabric.  It had it's own vase in a sheer black gift bag.  It was just so beautiful!!!!

Seriously - this was so much better than 7th grade (besides the obvious fact that I didn't send them to myself)!!!  It made my day.  The rose is absolutely lovely.  I cleaned off my desk and put it next to my blogging station - because that is where I spend the most time.   So..Thank You...and, Happy Valentines to you too :)