Thanks for the feedback!

Nautie Friends!  Thanks for the feedback! I'm kind of missing my old colors too.  I'm in the process of looking through old photos and am trying to find some that scream, 'NAUTIEMERMATE!'.  I'll let you know when I find them.

We do indeed have a wheelhouse.  You can't see the wheelhouse in that photo because I'm standing in it while taking the photo!  Surprise!  While there is no longer a big ass wooden wheel on most ships we still interchange the terms 'wheel' and 'helm'.  I normally ask my Helmsman to take the wheel.

Please bear with me while I get back into my shipboard blogging routine.  There were some computer upgrades while I was on vacation...this has thrown some kinks into my old routine...and you know how much a sailor craves routine!  I'm mostly having trouble uploading photos.  I'm also having trouble blogging instead of sleeping :) 

Love you guys!