Link Love + The GOOD

Any Sailor will tell you, it doesn't matter how much they love being at sea it's the good at home that makes it all worth it.

Good Friends.  Good Times.  Good News.  Good Things.

Except, what is good for me is good because I have to wait for good.

This is why we cry at the kitchen counter, no?  Because we know a little cry is good for us every now and then....and when we bottle it all up it's harder to see the good!

Wanna know what's good?

Well, wanna know what's good in addition to having good people in your life - the kind of people who tell you to cry it out when you vent on your blog?  (Thank you for that.)

Flowers sent from family letting you know they're proud of you.


Grilled Veggies and Lamp Chops with Wine and Friends?

It's not a delicious meal.  It's everything.

grilled veggies

Morning blog time with coffee...under a mermaid-y quilt made by a friend?  THE GOOD.

morning blog time


I always find a little link love freshens me up and gets me back in the swing of things.


Lets start with a pretty view of Vancouver for you.  You're Welcome.

Book Suggestions.  Must.Read.More.

Simone, nails it with Nobody is Perfect.  Her blog is racy and I love it.  (This post also helped motivate me to blog drunk so hey, she must be doing something right *wink*.)  

You're gonna make it after all.  A simple but lovely reminder.

Here's something only my closest friends know:  I really can't stand Thanksgiving.  That being said, I could do a looks quite lovely but, I'm not doing it without flower crowns....just saying.....

I have a thing for small abodes.  This tiny space is a gem.

Check out this music video.  Pure Genius.

I like Kurt Vonnegut.  That is all.

Ashton Kutcher might actually be the man.  This surprised me.  Watch It.

This is some hardcore but amazing writing advice.  Unpack everything.  Thanks Davinia!

I'm leaving you with a laugh.  This interview really made me belly laugh.   


Have an amazing weekend!!