The Past Few Days...

...have been some of my hardest shipboard days ever. I realize that sounds dramatic but it's nothing short of true.

Between all the work scheduled for the port stay, the inspections and the full crew change I've literally been going non-stop. IN THE HOUSTON HEAT.

The one saving grace? Cargo only worked until 1800. I really don't know how I would have survived otherwise.

It must be said however; that 'vacation mode' sets in quickly when you step off the ship and 'work mode' requires a more painful translation.

Climbing in and out of the cargo holds, climbing up to the crane cabs a few times a day, sheesh just the ladder ways up to my deck! These physical activities are unique to shipping - minus going to cross fit boot camp in a hot city there isn't going to be anything similar.

I'm happy to say that when I stepped outside this morning and the Houston humidity slapped me in the face I felt a teensy bit better than I did on morning day two.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!