The Plan?

Are you noticing that there aren't a plethora of posts? What happened to the plan?!

I partied and slept alllll weekendddd loooong.

One of my best buddies had a party on her boat. So clearly I had to spend all day Saturday getting ready.

I mean...there were sombreros...


On Sunday I didn't get out of bed until 1530. I mean, I woke up earlier but I decided I didn't have to leave my snugly cocoon so I watched the tele and caught up on some shows.

On Monday, I walked to work in the rain. Awesome right? I rolled up my pants and hopped over puddles and that's called being from Hilo!


On Tuesday I went over to a friends houseand tried on some of my 'Napa Outfits'. Because clearly, you can't wear an outfit in Napa that didn't get a stamp of approval from a Girlfriend!

She had the sweetest roses running along her fence. The cutest.


Which leads us to Wednesday. My last day in the office. Bittersweet.

I'll keep you posted friends!