These boots were made for walking...

I was going to save this post for tomorrow - but I just got so excited that I couldn't hold it in! Long story short...I've worn lots of work boots....and I've found a pair that are rocking my world.

I'm a pretty loyal Red Wing fan.  My Dad bought me my first pair when I was at Maine Maritime - I bought them at the Winterport Boot Company and I wore those boots till they had holes in the soles!

Before joining this ship I bought a new pair - and I went with the King Toe.

You guys, they are a slice of heaven for your feet.  Seriously, the most comfortable boots I've ever owned!!!!!!  I told the man, I'm a size 8.5 - put them on - no breaking in necessary!!!!  They were super duper comfortable right from the get go.

Today, they exceeded my expectations yet again!

I went ballast tank diving with my Chief Mate (ballast tank diving deserves a separate entry).  The rubber boots didn't fit me properly - I hate having rubber boots that are too big because you have to climb lots of vertical ladders and there is a lot of stepping through holes - big boots make you a little clumsy in a situation where you don't want to be clumsy.  Plus, it is really muddy in the tanks and it gets slippery.  Slippery + dumbo feet = bad news bears.

Long story short, I wore my King Toes into the tank.  I didn't really want to get them wet (it's really hard to get all the water out of a you're usually sloshing through about 6 inches of water on the lower level) but I decided they were the better option.  After sloshing around the entire length of the tank in all three bays MY SOCKS WERE STILL DRY!  There was a tiny bit of water that I could feel around the laces where I hadn't done them up super tight but seriously, hardly anything!

If any of you are looking for a kick ass pair of comfortable boots check out the Red Wing King Toe - they're worth the bucks!