Things that made my day!

  • Talking to my new Thai friend on the bridge today....I said, 'I want to go to Thailand SO BAD!' he responded by saying, 'Chief Mate - you come Thailand - I take care you.'.  It warmed me up inside.
  • Calling the Third Mate and requesting a favor.  Without hesitation said individual went to my room and got me my bag of Almonds and Dried Apricots.  I was suffering from severe hanger (anger due to hunger)....I'm pretty sure this may have saved someones life.
  • Calling my old ship on the VHF when I passed by them today.  Getting to hear some familiar voices put a smile on my face.  It can be a teensy bit lonely out here!  It's nice to know you have friends!
  • Seeing so many comments waiting for me this morning in response to Nautie Books!  Thanks guys!