Those Darn Pirates.

Well Nautie Friends, it's that time.  The point in my trip where I get back up on my soap box and start ranting and raving about piracy (it has been known to happen).  I mean really, you knew this was coming, right?! Since we all know that 'Pirates are NOT cool' I won't spend too much time belaboring the point.  Instead, I'd just like to help you all understand why it's SO easy for Pirates to sneak up on Merchant Vessels.

This is what a Pirate Skiff looks like.  This particular skiff is only one mile away from the vessel and I'm zoomed in ALL the way.  One mile in sea going transportation is more than close.  You can barely see it right?

This is the same Skiff with no zoom!  Can you see it?!  It basically just looks like a white cap!

This Skiff is probably capable of doing twenty to thirty knots an hour - we're currently doing about eleven.  It could close the distance between us so quickly!

We currently have two lookouts posted at any given time not including myself (the Officer on watch).  Essentially, someone always needs to have a pair of binoculars in their hands and even then Skiffs sneak up on us.  

Mayuun Island

This is where  the Pirates like to hide.  As you enter the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden they hang out right here.  They just absolutely LOVE the Northern part of the Island of Mayuun.  You can pretty much gaurantee that when you turn the corner they'll be sitting there waiting for you. 

I swear they have travel booklets advertising the next best Piracy Location!

A little rough in the Gulf of Aden?  Monsoon Season getting you down?  Why not pack up camp and head for the Island of Mayuun!

Those darn Pirates.