Travelin' Tootsie Tuesday :: Meet Me!

Well, I'm off.  I just left Hilo Hawaii....and it felt a little permanent.  I packed my life up and put it all in a storage unit.  The good news is that I don't have time for too much introspection right now and by the time I'm stuck on the bridge of a ship I'll have a whole new take on things. I was just sitting in the Honolulu Airport feeling sorry for myself and I realized....its a Tuesday!  I decided to show you a few of the things I've packed with me!  I realize that I could spend hours and hours on my own Tootsie post....but I don't have that kind of I took a few shots of my favorite things with my phone and ran them through a filter.

Traveling a lot has made me a fairly neurotic traveller.  I like to have a system.  I like to have my bag packed a certain way.  I like to keep my colors coordinated and complimentary.

I recently decided to switch my travel color from brown to black.  I realize at home some of you may be rolling your eyes....its cool.

Because my new travel color is black I couldn't use my brown roll-y backpack (I told you....neurotic....).  So, I hunted and hunted for a new travel bag with wheels.  I couldn't find one to my liking!  So, I ended up having to put my heavy things in the the Mary Poppins bag....normally, the heavy stuff goes in the roll-y bag.

I should have sucked it up and taken the brown roll-y bag.  My shoulder was killing me after one flight.  So I got the smartecarte.  Don't be surprised if I buy a big with wheels during one of my next layovers!!!!

Well, that is all I have time for.....I'm heading to the bathroom to rinse my mouth out.  Wisdom tooth extraction is not a fun travel companion!!!!!  Bah Humbug!  I'll just have to read my kindle....and take vicodin :)