Travelin' Tootsies :: Get to know Lala a little better!

Last week I post Lala's 20 favorite things (which I happen to love as well).  She is currently on a charter and although I've been heckling her for a travel adventure she has just been too busy.  So, I've decided to post her bio and a photo (with her permission of course)!  Mega yachting is waaay cooler than I ever imagined!  When you see her favorite travel destinations I have a feeling you'll be interested in a career change.  If you have a zest for travel this might be the way to do it!  

Lala was born in San Francisco, California but quickly moved to Hawaii at 6 months old which is where all her family is from. After completing University in 2005, she was finally able to live out her passion to travel. Lala was constantly seeking out clever ways to make money while traveling, but her search was over when she stumbled across yachting. She has spent her time living and working abroad in London, Brazil, and Australia and has been lucky to have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world.

A few of her favorite destinations are Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand, Lake Tahoe, Costa Rica, Italy, and Greece. Although she loves to be on the move, Hawaii will always be considered home. Though a bit out of practice, Lala has a touch of musical talent which she uses on the piano and ukulele. Other hobbies of Lala’s include yoga, surfing, cooking, camping, music and photography and she is currently learning to speak Spanish and Portuguese.