Travelin' Tootsies :: Meet Baisey

(I'm pleased to introduce my friend Baisey - and share her favorite travel items and trip...I can guarantee Puerto Vallerta has never seen the likes of Baisey) FAVORITE ITEMS:

1.       Moleskine book and a sharpie.. although I have recently changed to eco system because the paper is thicker AND their made in the USA.

2.       Vera Bradley large cosmetic cases.. and LOTS of them to organize everything

3.       Burt’s beeswax.. no explanation needed

4.       Coppertone 15 .. I like to be brown

5.       Pair of locals

6.       Lululemon pajama pants

7.       Louis Vuitton carry all for the beach

8.       Ipod and bose headphones

9.       Nalgene bottle

10.   Neosporin.. because I’m not that lady like…

(I took the liberty of itemizing her favorite memories.....and didn't edit a word of it....)


  • Mexico was beautiful, warm and sunny
  • Goodies at the market were cheap and you got to jew them down on prices
  • I liked to lounge in the sun on the gay end of the beach because the people were prettier
  • We found a good taco stand that was safe to eat at so we didn’t get the runs
  • I got to wear slippers or go barefoot everywhere
  • Our villa had a pool and a cook who made us drinks all day

(strangely enough I am now craving a cocktail by the pool and a run-free taco...thanks Baisey!)