Travelin' Tootsies :: Meet Lala

I asked my friend Lala to be a Travelin' Tootsie and I've honestly been soooo excited to get her answers.  Of all my friends this is the one chick that I think travels in style that rivals my own :)  Actually, her travel style faaar outweighs my own.  Lala is fashionista meets world traveler.  She manages to look sassy every where she goes!  I always thought that she must spend a fortune on clothes - but a couple of months ago I went thrifting with her - turns out she's quite the little bargain shopper!  I'm turning her Tootsie story into a mini series - because her 'things' list was moooore than enough for a post!!  I didn't edit it at all (sometimes the ladies get quite peeved about this.....but I can always hear how they sound when I look at how they write it up and it makes me smile)!  She kinda writes in pidgeon (Hawaii's local dialect) - the only word I think you guys might not know is 'wana' - it's pronounced vah-nah - and it is a sea urchin :) Enjoy!  

10 is toooooo hard! how about 20 things i cant travel without... k so kinda hard....but this is a start....

1. rubba slippas 2. my hippie pills aka supa wellness vitamins to keep my immune system on its game 3. my lucky green nalgene bottle 4. canon sx200IS camera 5. iphone: mainly for music 6. always got my trucker hat and VZ sunnies 7. french press coffee mug....however i did leave that one at home this time around. 8. a big purse including my magic bag that pretty much has anything you might need in any situation even if its size of a softball 9. my origins products for my daily face ritual a. checks and balances face wash b. perfect world white tea skin guardian serum c. on the spot blemish remover d. ginzing eye puff cream e. modern friction dermabrasion f.  perfect world moisturizer with and without spf 25 10. frizz control hair products (tahitian coconut oil with pikake, Giovanni anti-frizz serum or fekkai gloss) 11. brazilian bikini & pareo 12. journal... 13. pashminasssssssssss 14. gillette fusion can have plenny wana unda arms and noooo bushy bikini lines!! 15. tahitian orchid body mist perfume 16. Mascara and LIP GLOSS!!!! 17. yoga mat 18. my travel sheet sleeping bag and ALWAYS a small round pillow 19. jewelry...otherwise i feel least one set of earrings....shells, pearls, or toe rings...locket necklace...and a couple of my rings.... 20. CLOTHES and an extra empty bag!!!!!!! heeee heee!